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Eternity is a relative thing

The Story So Far As it is Known…

3,000 or so years ago, Dorovir then known as Irosqu, attacked Elrid with a hybrid disease/curse that began to consume it’s prey slowly, preying on all those that came in contact with carriers of the disease. At the time, it wasted the prey down to zombie-like creatures before turning those creatures on the general public. The only survivor was Marris, one of the highest caste of guards to the High Priestess, as well as fiancĂ©e to said High Priestess’ daughter. Marris was sealed in Quintessence, litterally sealed in time. Those alive enough to have it done got their souls transferred to weapons so as to have their knowledge available to take their revenge.

3,000 or so years later, Dorovir has changed his disease to transform the target not into a zombie but a conduit for their own worst fears, litterally killing them in their sleep. The Disease, however, now requires a spire to exist or infect, and is not nearly as voracious as it’s former composition. The transformed, known generally as Pure Nightmares are much stronger than they were in life.

Enter the Party…

Shortly after The Twin Wars, Owen, Anara and Akane were thrown into a simultaneous dream, a risk but one Dorovir had taken many times before. However, they survived and were given special powers from such. Upon releasal from their nightmares, they found a man, Khelgar, who led them to a man known only as The Master, a Wizard of great power, age and knowledge who lives in a world litterally of his own creation. After being attacked several more times, the party, now including 2 more, attacked Dorovir at his own keep. After destroying what appeared to be Dorovir, they headed to Owen’s family brewery, during which they aquired several of the Soul Bound Weapons. Now knowing of what happened, they attempted and succeeded in reaching the lost city of Elrid.

There, they found and inadvertantly woke Marris. After leaving, two of the members succumbed to the new Virus and began to ravage the ship. They fell leaving the party as it was. After trying to get more information on people to fill their new city/country, the party located a weakened and comatose cleric of Hextor, who claimed to come from beyond the known world.

Upon Searching for the Cleric’s hometown, the party located another spire…

Main Page

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